Three Luxury Watches a Man Should Own

Looking good is not as tasking as people feel it is. One can look good by doing simple things well. You do not need all the wristwatches in the world to have an appropriate wristwatch collection; choosing the right three can just do the job.

75A Black Leather Watch

The black leather wristwatch is an all-rounder; it goes with almost everything. If you’re not sure of the appropriate of wristwatch that will match the outfit, settle for the black leather. No wonder it is arguably the most worn wristwatch in the world. But beyond its versatility, it is also fashionable. It looks mature and calm. It should be the first wristwatch in a collection.

95F Gold Chain Watch

The gold chain is versatile but not as versatile as the black leather watch. However, it may be preferable to the black leather watch when used with an African native attire. Its strength is in its worth. It is gold. It is very suitable for unofficial occasions or ceremonies like weddings, thanksgiving parties and the various moments we come together to celebrate life.

S18 Color B Wooden Watch

A man’s life is mainly that of work, occasion and fun. The black leather watch can do the job at the office, the gold chain watch does it at occasions, while the wooden watch shows it’s time for some fun. No man wants to go to a party looking like the only grandpa in town. The wooden watch is for those moments that require casual outfits. Picture yourself rocking it with your blue jeans. No one can be cooler than that.

With these three watches and the knowledge of when to use them, one can rock the world as if he owns everything in it. Be that man for all seasons.

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