Human Kind

Traffic in Uyo is sometimes nothing to play with. You could spend hours on the road because two Nigerians are asking themselves “Do you know who I am?” The truth is, if they were really something, they won’t have to ask if we knew who they were; we would know. Nevertheless, Nigerians still feel it’s an important question to ask after there’s a collision of cars. In those collisions, even the person at fault can be seen as the innocent one if they speak good English or at least ask expertly “Do you know who I am?”

So, it could be because of these verbal exchanges, the whole city would come to a stand-still at Uyo Plaza. It could be a funny scenario watching the two drivers give different versions of what happened. But it’s not always funny. Sometimes people have emergencies or appointments. In fact, just going home after work could be an emergency. But the two drivers arguing won’t care.

A lady was being rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. The ambulance, even with the siren, got caught up by the traffic. The first-aiders and medical practitioners went down to exhibit some form of traffic-warden skills. The only skill they had for traffic was pleading, and they did it wholeheartedly. But the drivers won’t give way. They explained that they had a dying lady in their van, but to the drivers: whose business was that?

As usual, after a while, traffic would start flowing again. Okon, one of the drivers who refused to give way for the ambulance, was called and told his wife was dying in the hospital. He rushed there and met the medical practitioners he refused to give way. He hoped it wasn’t his wife that was in the ambulance at Plaza, but she was the one.

“If your wife dies, I hope you’d be able to tell your children you’re responsible for their mother’s death.” The doctor said to Okon who was at the verge of fainting. Surely, if he had known it was his wife in the ambulance, he would have taken his car off the road, but must we know the identity of the people we show kindness to? Can’t we just be human-kind?

At PRODA, we don’t believe there are people who deserve more than others. We give our kind services wherever and whenever we have an opportunity to. We treat our customers with respect, whether old or new ones.

Well, to end the story: she didn’t die. Okon only learnt it is good to be human-kind at all times.

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