London Bridge

London Bridge is arguably the most famous bridge in the world and one of the outstanding sites in Europe. It has over the years developed a name for itself even making its way to songs, art, fiction and nursery rhymes.

Although sung happily, the song itself does not denote a good occurrence (the fall of a bridge cannot be positive). London Bridge is that special because of the city itself. London is one of the medieval European cities that have managed to maintain its culture amidst the rapid modernization of the world.

London also lays claim to being the home of football. Although it is a debate that will never come to an end, London is one of the two major names that is considered when the discourse on the origin of football is brought up. But since England’s World Cup win in 1966, there really hasn’t been much international success for the favourite originators of football; however, the English Premier League could serve as a good evidence.

London houses some of the finest sites in the world, but the most popular is definitely the London Bridge. Wembley Stadium is also a famous place in the city due to its rich footballing traditions, but they were some sad news in London. Arsenal had just lost a match at home to an embattled Manchester United team; Chelsea lost to Dinamo Zagreb in the UCL to earn Tuchel a sack.

Nevertheless, none of those event could really had been described as the most famous bridge in the world falling.

Queen Elizabeth II passed on, and Liz Truss, Prime Minister of UK, received a call informing her “London Bridge is down” (a code phrase for the demise of one of the greatest monarchs the world has ever seen).

The Real London Bridge is down.

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