Week of Joy

It is the week of salary which means it is automatically the week of joy.

The middle of the month is usually the time in which salary-earners’ prayer point is “God abeg!” That is when everyone remembers their Economics textbook in Secondary School and exhibit managerial skills with money. Dem go dey “H” on a low like Yoruba accent. (Just kidding!)

Though tears and Folake may last for some weeks, Joy finally comes in the month-end.

This is the week salary-earners walk around with big shoulder pads. The way they talk this week you might think they are living the Soft Life Tony. They would use words like “funds” to describe any amount of money and actually believe they can do anything.

But more importantly, it is also the time to get that PRODA Watch of your dream. You could also send those amazing gift items to your loved ones.

It’s that time of the month. Make the most of it.

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