As a child, his father would abuse drugs but tell him he shouldn’t follow his footsteps.

Dede grew up wondering what was so special about drug abuse that made people kick against it on TV but do it in real life. He decided to give it a try. He bought the pills and took the overdose. At first, he didn’t feel anything until it started kicking into his circulatory system. He felt dizzy. He enjoyed the feeling. He had numbed his shyness and morality.

Who wouldn’t want to feel good always? He continued till the pill no longer had an effect on him. His body had gotten used to it, so he had to step up. And step-up he did. Something told him “na so addiction dey start” but he lied to himself that he had everything under control.

His friend, Saleem was worried Dede would end up wayward like the older guys around them. He advised Dede to stop, but Dede didn’t. At this point, he couldn’t. Saleem opined “The first step towards overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem. You have a problem but you don’t want to face it; you’d rather run away from it.”

Dede replied “Look, my real problem is not these drugs. I use the drugs to help me through the challenges of life.” Saleem said: “So after getting tipsy and wasted, do the challenges go away?” He continued “Bro, no one has ever overcome a challenge by drug abuse.” Dede admitted he had a problem and requested for help which led him to a journey to recovery.

The PRODA Community join the United Nations in their fight against drug abuse and trafficking. Encourage addicts to seek help; they can still get their lives back.

Avoid taking unprescribed drugs, make village people no use you testrun.

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