The Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen, The Weekend!

There is something cool about the weekend. Is it the rest from work or the visits we have to make or getting involved in religious activities to refresh the soul or maybe it’s the different occasions we have to attend? Whatever it is, the weekend is cool and your favourite wristwatch brand, PRODA, got you covered for it.

Of course you know we got you covered. Man has not invented an occasion or event that we don’t have the right wristwatch for. Like we usually say, we speak every watch language. Whether the occasion demands a leather watch, chain watch or wooden watch, PRODA has everything for you. Apart from the wristwatches, we have gift packages that are sure to make your loved ones excited. And there’s nothing wrong in giving yourself some good stuff.

There’s something about the phrase “permanent site” in Nigeria. It is the coronation for growth and stability. We are pleased to inform you that PRODA is moving to its permanent site.

How did we get to this stage? Consistent Quality Services! During the week, we continued delivering on the promises that your satisfaction is our priority. Orders were placed; deliveries were made. Our socials were booming as usual and our blog continually gets richer.

We uploaded the posts “What Keeps Us Together” I & II to discuss democracy in Nigeria as we celebrate 23 years of democratic rule in the country. We also uploaded “Nigeria vs India” to relive some childhood memories.

As you know, we never take your patronage for granted. We committed to doing business different, in a customer-centred way. We are not just the regular brand. We are PRODA. Our satisfaction is tied to yours. Our Customer Success Representatives (CSRs) are always available to take your orders and the delivery agents are on standby to make the deliveries.

It’s that simple. No stress at all for you.

Continue enjoying our amazing products and services. If it is topnotch, then it is PRODA!

Happy Weekend!

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