We Won’t Stop

Ever wondered how certain things began that won’t just have an end? Even if one is not aware of the origin of Christmas, he/she is sure that the holiday will occur this year,the next and the next…. But today is not 25th December; today is 11th November: 11/11 or eleven eleven.

What really is special about today’s date?

Back in secondary (high) school, especially federal government colleges, this was the day it seemed as if the school authority had authorized bullying and flogging. You could be flogged for no reason on that day. Well, it wasn’t only on eleven eleven that you could be flogged for no reason but the day had a different evil to it.

Seniors would even save up whoppings for the mighty eleven eleven. For five years, I wondered why these seniors would manhandle us on one of the days the Lord hath made. Well, we also got into SS3 and were determined the tradition won’t stop in our time. So we continued the trend and it is probably still going on right now, this minute, in government schools in Nigeria.

But after leaving secondary school, I realized eleven eleven was an irony. It’s not how the day was dreaded to some and enjoyed by others, but that the real history of eleven eleven was it was the day World War I ended.

Why would the day the war was ended serve as a day we start wars in hostels in boarding schools? Is it a celebration of the end of war? Do we celebrate the end of war by starting another war?

With or without the answer, it won’t stop.

We won’t either.

Despite the economy crisis, we won’t stop providing quality accessories at affordable prices; we won’t stop looking for new ways to make your life stress-free and beautiful; we won’t stop creating avenues for you to make more money.

How do we do it?

With or without the answer, we won’t stop.

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