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Na Food go Kill U

Ogbega takes eating as a full time job. His friends told him “Na food go kill u.” He responded “something must kill a man.”

Ogbega has the type of body that does not reflect the things in his stomach. He is as slim as a sim card but the RAM size of his belly makes it seem as if they are human beings eating food that goes into his stomach.

Ogbega is a regular customer of roadside food and meat. “Exposed food is not healthy” his girlfriend had warned him. He wondered if there are food that are not exposed. At least it will be exposed before it gets to the mouth. He convinced himself. “The longer food is exposed to air, the more harmful it may become” she concluded.

He never listened to anyone when it comes to food. Even medical practitioners. He said “Forget those doctors, dem dey talk for dia money.” He enjoyed eating roadside meat and can drinks. Whenever he belched from the drink, he felt proud of himself that he was doing well.

He dedicated his life to all sorts of food and drinks.

Ogbega fell sick. The doctor said it was food poisoning. Ogbega responded “I knew it. I know it is that useless Pato that wants to kill me! So because I ate in his house, he poisoned the food.”

“No sir.” The doctor replied lightly. “You are the one who want to kill yourself.” He concluded.

Ogbega was shocked. “Your stomach is not a place for junks and unhealthy food.” The doctor informed him.

Something must kill a man, but let it not be food.