At the Beach

Joseph went to the beach on Saturday for just one thing: to cool off after a hectic week at work. He went with only a mat to lie down. He wasn’t even interested in the snacks of food around. “Let me just rest. Me sef I be human being.” He told himself.

At the beach, he saw four ladies. He was attracted to one. Even though he had just one reason for going to the beach, there was no harm in creating another. However, he dreaded the idea of talking to a lady in the presence of her friend. He feared they may want use him and shine, prove to their girls that they are not cheap babes.

“But this type of girl I cannot secretly admire. I have to step up to her at all cost.” He went for the kill. After all, all die na die. “Hello ladies!” He greeted. They thought he was either the most confident or richest man of all time, but he was none. Some murmured “Hi” and looked at him with the who-is-this-one eye. As if he knew, he responded “My name is Joseph. I’m here to steal your friend away for just five minutes.” He pointed at Temitope. “You are dreaming” one of the ladies said. “I told you my name is Joseph.” Temitope caught the joke; others didn’t. “Alright” She obliged.

“So what now?” She asked. Joseph had exhausted all his confidence in taking her out of the company of her friends. He was speechless. “I don’t have all day, Mr. Dreamer” Temitope offered a joke that helped Joseph. “Even in my dream, I wouldn’t have imagined stealing you away from your friends without a gun.” Joseph said. “You didn’t steal me away by yourself. You had some help… Your wristwatch.” She replied.

Joseph rocked the RO5 Colour A Wooden Watch. Temitope admired his watch language. He knew just the right watch for the beach setting.

PRODA speaks every watch language.

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