Second to None

When athletes file out for a race, they all know they can only be one winner and they all race to be that winner.

You could feel their heartbeats beating as the race is about to start. It will be a moment of glory for the winner. Everyone’s eyes are fixed at the ultimate price: gold.

The names are announced and are met by cheers from the spectators. Everyone is excited at the prospect of having a new champion emerge. The athletes take their tracks; the cameras try their best to capture every single moment.

The gamblers debate who would win. They give their predictions. Some think experience would take the day; others feel youth would. But everything would be decided on the tracks.  “Set… Bang!” The race starts. The athletes have a point to prove. All the days of trainings and preparations have to pay off.

But to the 95F Golden Chain Watch, there is no race. There is no competition. It is in a league of its own. It is gold itself. It is second to none.

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