Daddy’s Princess

Mr. John walked home after another unfruitful day in his shop. It was beginning to seem as if customers only bought the things he didn’t sell. The day he has milk, everybody will want beverage. When he purchases beverage to retail, everybody would want milk. It was the same story every day.

He got home to his daughter who rushed to him expecting him to give her something. “Daddy what did you buy for me?” Princess asked him. He would have said “Do you want me to kill myself? I managed to pay your school fees and feed you every day. What else do you want from me? Do you know how tough things are?” But Mr. John remembered he was a father. “I brought a song for you” He responded. “Sing for your princess.” His daughter requested with joy.

He sang “You have daddy and mummy / We have you / We will give you the life we don’t have because we love you”

Mrs. John stood by the door and listened to her husband sing for their princess. Before he was done, his audience had slept off. John looked at his wife’s face and it beemed with hope. She said “I know how it is, but we will keep trying till we make it.” The words were enough to encourage John.

He kept trying till things started ticking and clicking.

Princess grew up thinking his parents were always rich. They shielded her from the lack and always went the extra mile to provide for their princess.

She told her friends “When my parents told me the things they went through while I lived a happy life, I felt eternally grateful. I realized that being a princess has nothing to do with wealth. It’s a decision to make moments count with loved ones.”

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