Humans were created different. Even without our family background, education, exposure, religion etc there are certain differences among us all, and the ability to respect these differences is tolerance and maturity.

In Nigeria, we argue about a lot. Some of the top arguments are APC vs PDP, Afang vs Editan, Beans vs Rice, cashless vs cash transactions, Wizkid vs Davido, direct primaries vs indirect primaries and some other topics that don’t concern us like Messi vs Ronaldo, Chelsea vs Manchester United, Biden vs Trump etc.

Many a times these arguments remain arguments and often become personal. But isn’t it possible to respect people’s opinions and beliefs? We don’t have to agree with others or think like they do but we can at least show some respect and humanity. After all, there are two sides to a coin.

(I’d rather use the arguments that have little to do with us to make the point, so that I offend no one)

During Trump’s regime, there was no major invasions or anything that threatened a third world war. Trump had said “I have a bugger nuclear button.” As inappropriate as that had sounded, he sent a message that showed he would do inappropriate stuff if need arose. Biden has revamped the healthcare system in America as he has developed on the Obamacare that was started when he was vice president.

We can also look at Messi and Ronaldo and understand why someone would pick any of them as a favourite. Messi can do anything with his left leg. He can be a playmaker, an assist provider and a goal scorer. Choose one! Ronaldo is the ultimate goal poacher. He can score all types of goals from any part of his body playing for any team in any country. His IQ is unmatched.

The gist here is that no one is totally wrong and no one is totally right.

The murder of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto was a disturbing news, even to many Muslims. There are certain things that we shouldn’t let happen. Everyone has a right to any religion as long as it doesn’t bring physical harm to others. This is 2022 and we are still talking about religious intolerance and violence? When are we going to move past this?

We can always disagree to agree. We can respect one another’s point of view. We can be human. Let us live and let live.

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