Monday Morning

Monday marks the beginning of the weekdays, the beginning of workdays. Hate it or love it, it’s an important day.

Everyone is in a haste to get to work. There’s something awkward about arriving late on a Monday morning. Most workers look their best on Monday. It’s the sacred day for work and the perfect day to rock your newly acquired PRODA wristwatch.

It’s Monday morning and the roads are busy. There are targets to be met after the weekend (of rest for some). Others ain’t weak; they work weekends. But Monday dawns on all and everyone must start the week on a high note (with or without music).

Monday mornings come quickly and work starts abruptly. The alarm woke you up so early in the cold and you wondered why you really have to work. (No reason am). You lack inspiration. You need the drive. You want a muse for your Monday morning because your entire week could be determined by the choices you make on Monday morning.

Let our watches be your inspiration. They don’t stop. Don’t stop! Keep pushing! Keep moving!

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