Congratulations are definitely in order as Nigeria celebrated her 62nd Anniversary as an independent country. Some may ask questions like: is Nigeria really independent? Are we not undergoing another form of colonization? That’s a story for another day. This month is for congratulations!

So congratulations to Nigeria for turning 62. Also congratulations to the youths who went out on Independence Day for a march of hope, a belief that we can still get it right. The march was so epochal that it attracted some propaganda.

In Uyo, a propagandist opined that Igbo people in Uyo didn’t join in the march; they left it for Akwa Ibom prople who had nothing to do. Another propagandist said that 80% of those that went for the march in Uyo are Igbos, insinuating that many Akwa Ibomites had more important things to do.

City People Write, City People Read!

Congratulations to Phyna and her loyal fans for the win in Big Brother. (There was quite a number of favourites).

Finally, congratulations to you for being a part of PRODA. This month is a month of congratulations and we are rolling the drums out.

But first, are you a PRODA Business Owner?

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