Class is Permanent

Form is temporary; class is permanent.

There are musicians who have been known as one-hit wonders or artists who rode on the wave of a moment. These musicians come into the scene and dominate charts. Consequently, they are suddenly compared to the legends or noted to have taken over the industry. But as they abruptly came, they abruptly vanish. All they leave behind is one or two radio-friendly songs.

Also there are artists with longevity. These artists don’t just burst into the scene; their ascension takes some time but once they get to the top, there’s no coming down. Unfortunately, these master-artists are subjected to comparisons with the one-hit wonders during the latter’s limited moments of fame. But it doesn’t take much time for the puzzle to solve itself. Form is temporary. The master-artists come out on top.

PRODA Wristwatches come out on top. Class is permanent. Our quality wristwatches made with the best touch of beauty make them lasting. We don’t come and go; we get to the top and make it our home.

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