Awesome June is Here!

It’s not just the end of a week, but it is a new month. Happy New Month!

We are excited about the work put in during the week and reactions from our esteemed customers. Once again, we uploaded more feedbacks from our customers who are glad they chose PRODA.

We are still very much in the business of satisfying our customers. We are your favourite wristwatch brand for a reason: our wristwatches are of the best quality and you don’t have to break the bank for them. Our gift items are still special and available for you and your loved ones.

It is a known fact that we are more than just a wristwatch brand, we are a community big dreamers who want to totally change the narrative of wristwatch sales and services. We go beyond what the regular wristwatch brand does. We are determined to make life easy for anyone who comes in contact with PRODA. Their satisfaction automatically becomes our priority.

We understand that after purchasing an item from us, you may want to feed your eyes or just relax with some writings. Well, our blog is a place you would want to visit. During the week we uploaded diverse contents as usual. We put up fictions that scrutinized terrorism “Mama” and “Hadiza”. The aim is to reawaken our zeal to end the menace and other terrors in our society.

Our social media is still bubbling (and we’re not stopping anytime soon). We can’t just stop. Our watches don’t stop, so we won’t.

It’s another month and another opportunity to serve you. We don’t take your patronage for granted. We look forward to an awesome June with you.

Happy New Month!

Happy Weekend!

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