Nigerians and Cruise

Nigerians have a peculiar way of dealing with bad situations. The first thing is to shocked at the situation, then feel sad about it and after a while “we use am catch cruise.”

You cannot blame them. If Nigerians take everything seriously them the mortality rate would be 20. There are enough problems Nigerians face daily, so the best thing to do is for a Nigerian to make fun of it because “I cannot kill myself.”

After the Chibok girls were abducted, the news was viral. Nigerians made sure they condemned the mass kidnap, but after a while, the only thing people talked about from that incidence was “There is God o.”

Someone fainted during an investigation regarding fraud on national television, it became an instant meme. Not forgetting the officer that got to the front of our t-shirts because he needed confirmation from “my oga at the top”?

Is it the comic relief we find in our politics that occur “from top to bottom” or the traditional ASUU strike that the affected students are calling it an annual festival? No matter how bad the news is, Nigerians will turn it to cruise.

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