Spending Life on Money

The idea of doing anything for money is okay with most people. Of course “man gats hustle.” It is true we must source for diverse means to make wealth. After all, success is usually measured by wealth in our society. But the problem is when we spend our lives on money, forgetting that we can’t spend money on life.

We’ve heard stories of diverse things some Nigerians have been doing for money. Bestiality didn’t start today, but never had it been celebrated. Even among the many frowners at the act are people who would do same if the opportunity surfaces. What haven’t we done for money?

Everyone wants fast wealth. No one cares about the process anymore. We place an order with PRODA, it gets delivered in no time. We walk into a restaurant, the meal is served without hesitation. We send a mail to someone in another country, he/she receives it that minute. Gone are the days when letters were posted and we waited for weeks for it to be delivered and some more weeks for us to receive the reply. The fast pace of the age, although positive in many regards, has affected our quest for money negatively.

We end up spending life to have money, while we can’t spend money to have life. At PRODA, we believe there’s dignity in labour. There’s value in the process. We don’t cut corners; we are innovative and stay true to our core values. We take business risks, not life risks.

Let us be your inspiration.

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