Safety is defined as a state of being safe or a condition or the condition of being protected from harm or danger. Safety is what everyone desires for themselves and their loved ones. In our present world, there are safety precautions everywhere.

We often hear of self-defence skills which are a product of safety. The ability to defend oneself from attacks on the road, public places and even at homes has become necessary for survival in the new world with so much crime.

But it is not just self-defence, safety measures are taken into considerations in sport events, political gatherings, worship centers, music concerts, military training etc. All spheres of life have noted and implemented the importance of safety.

But more importantly is the safety in finance.

In a time of economic tumult in the world, and the value of Naira is dropping faster than predicted, one has to consider financial safety. Financial safety is defined by PRODA Business.

Become a PRODA Business Owner (PBO) and acquire safety in your finance. Be your boss and retire early. Tghe paramount safety is safety in wealth.

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