Working with Aniefiok

Twice have I teased Aniefiok with the idea of dedicating a post to him. The two posts weren’t really about him, but when you consider that the titles were “Garri for President” and “Na Food Go Kill U”, you can guess that the food titles weren’t just a coincidence. Well, that’s because I often eat with Aniefiok. What started as collaboration between a graphics designer and a content writer has metamorphosed into one of the greatest work partnership in history.

Why today? Today is Aniefiok’s birthday and I am dedicating a post to him finally.

Our partnership is amazing. When I put down words, he uses it to read my mind. I often wonder how he does it. Not once, not twice. Every day! I write every day, so he reads my thoughts every day. Sometimes, he amplifies the little I create. I’ve written things that I thought were just good enough, but once Aniefiok adds graphics to it, it becomes pure art. Our boss, the leader of the PRODA Community, once said that Aniefiok was one staffer he wouldn’t let go for another. Maybe others in the meeting were surprised or jealous; I wasn’t. If there has ever been an indispensable employee, his name is Aniefiok.

But we’ve had moments we disagree (though just one or two). One of our epic disagreements was in our post for the socials:”The better you look, the more confident you are.” Aniefiok thought the “look” there was about sight, whereas I meant appearance. He made his point; I explained mine. He told me the post wasn’t self-explanatory to which I argued. However, looking at the post now, I think he had a point. The argument was long and friendly. It ended with a bowl of garri.

Another source of our argument is the time he uses to come up with graphics. Some days, he delivers within few minutes, other days it seems as if he is saying “If una like make una die, I go do as I wan do.” On days like that, I’ll have to exhibit patience. It will graduate to endurance. Aniefiok would finally send in the graphics when I have ascended into long-suffering. Having your job tied to another is not really funny, but it is fun with Aniefiok nevertheless.

He is great man and an amazing colleague. One of the many wonderful reasons I enjoy doing what I do in this community of intelligent and cultured young Nigerians.

Maximum respect to the graphics designer of the year, my partner in creation, Aniefiok!

Happy birthday, bro!

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