Another Week, Another Feature

Once again we have come to the end of a week, and once again we are pleased to inform you that we have been featured on another top media platform. This time around, it is TechCabal.

In as much as the aim of serving you wasn’t to get recognitions from media outlet, nevertheless the outpouring of these recognitions shows that we are doing something right. And as usual, we will share every moment and move with you our esteemed customers.

As expected of us, we are still pulling our weight in the social media. The posts just keep coming every day. We can boldly say “we show up every day.” Our blog is getting more relevant by the day. The contents are diverse and important. We have uploaded contents on our products and the right way to rock your wristwatches.

Furthermore, we have some other posts that will surely interest you like “Human Kind” that emphasizes our humanity and “Why Affordable Luxury?” that uses a simple market analogy to give reasons why you should go with affordable luxury. In fact, there’s so much more for you to read in our blog. It was created for you; so you reserve every right to read exhaust all the posts knowing fully well that next week we will continue uploading contents for you.

You shouldn’t be surprised that a wristwatch brand does all this. We are not the regular wristwatch brand. We clearly state that your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand by our word. We want to make life easy for our customers in any way we can: from our quality products to deliveries even to our contents online.

Enjoy our services!

Enjoy the weekend!

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