Amaka’s Side of the Story II

A thought for Amaka: “I don hear Amaka side of the story. Wetin Big Brother do no good.”

It is not unusual to see a housemate in Big Brother go late for an event in the house. On Saturday night, a housemate was late for the party. That shouldn’t be a big deal, but it was because her name is Amaka.

Pop culture has made Amaka synonymous with disappointment. Although the name actually means good, but 2 Baba’s hit “Amaka” has made people attribute the name to disappointment. You may have heard someone say “I won’t disappoint you. I no be Amaka.”

There was Amaka running late as if she didn’t know the time. But what if she didn’t know the time? First, Amaka prepared the meal for those housemates that went to the party on time. She even stayed back to clean the dishes of some. Out of love, she fried plantain again. It’s not as if Amaka is a foodie, she just has a large heart. While she was doing this, others were dressing up.

Was Amaka aware of the time during all these events? Did she actually have a working timepiece around her?

What we are asking is: did she have access to a PRODA wristwatch?

There is no guarantee of accurate timing if there’s no PRODA.

Big Brother no try.

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