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Happy Weekend

It’s a big weekend and we’re super excited. Let’s start with wishing everyone Eid el Kabir! In the spirit of celebrating the Festival of Sacrifices, you might want to give a worthy sacrifice, like one of our special gift packages, to a loved one. If Ibrahim or Abraham was in this generation, he wouldn’t have sacrificed a ram in place of his son, he would have given a special gift package from PRODA. (Just kidding!)

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All for You

Another weekend is here, and we are glad for the opportunity of continually serving you. We are honoured to still be your favourite wristwatch brand. We are honoured that whenever you consider a gift package for your loved one or yourself, you think of PRODA. We are not slowing down or stopping. The increase in patronage will not overwhelm us, instead it will spur us up to serve you more and better. After all, that’s what makes us PRODA.

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Getting Closer to You

It’s another weekend and another opportunity for us, your favourite wristwatch brand, to intimate you on our services. During the week, we shared on our social media platforms some of the feedbacks we received from our satisfied customers.  One of them was pleasantly surprised that he placed an order in the morning and received it in the afternoon. It was a moment for him to finally confirm that indeed, our priority is the customer’s satisfaction.

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