There is a Timepiece for Everything

There are things we know are important but somehow still struggle to give them the relevance they deserve. One of them is our health, the other is our wristwatch collection.

A wristwatch is more than just an accessory worn on the hand to tell time; it showcases our personality. Wristwatches define two things: time and the wearer.

The Leather Watches

The Black and Brown Leather Watches offer style and simplicity a merger while maintaining elegance. They are usually many people’s favourite as it not just fits with many dresses but more importantly gives a cool, calm and confident look. These are for the classy lady and gentleman. The detailed silver lining is a testament to its fashion longevity, and nobody wants to leave a building without making a lasting impression.

To purchase the Black Leather Wristwatch click HERE

To purchase the Brown Leather Wristwatch click HERE

But that’s not all. We have more.

The RO5 Wooden Watches

Thanks to the RO5 A Wooden Wristwatch and RO5 B Wooden Wristwatch, hippy has finally found a home for all, both the young and old. The watches define the casual yet mature looks. No one is too young to stand out, and no one is too old to be cool.

To purchase the RO5 A Wooden Wristwatch click HERE

To purchase the RO5 B Wristwatch click HERE

If that was all we offered, it would have been just enough. But we went further.

The 95F Chain Watches

Another set of wristwatches that fits with many dresses but in its case, it adds a sexy daring confidence to the look. They give the wearer a bold awe without even trying. They are the perfect overture to a personality of success. 

To purchase the R5F Gold Wristwatch click HERE

To purchase the R5F Silver Wristwatch click HERE

S18 Wooden Watches

The S18 Wooden Watches are super cool for the sporty looks. They make the wearer appear young and smart. Who doesn’t want to appear that way?

To purchase the S18 Color A Wooden Watch click HERE

To purchase the S18 Colour B Wooden Watch click HERE

Now that’s an ideal wristwatch collection.

PRODA Speaks Your Watch Language

No matter which looks you choose or fits you, PRODA speaks your watch language. Our automatic mechanical wristwatches are designed to keep you on the go, never to slow down to worry about the battery of your wristwatch because in reality, there is none.  You deserve a timepiece that can reflect your personality.

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