The Lion in the Room

Often seen as pride, but a lion has a standard it cannot go below. It’s not a conditioning but its nature.

The lion is different. It is the king. It can prey on other predators. It’s so influential that even in an uneven square-up against a pack of hyenas, the hyenas would surrender even before the battle begins. It is not that the hyenas, with a large number, cannot hold their ground against a lion as they do against a lioness, but the personality of a lion attracts respect even from other predators.

A PRODA wristwatch is a lion in the room. Other wristwatches recognize the king of timepieces. It is bold and confident just like the lion. They say a lion cannot eat grass, not because of pride but due to his nature.

PRODA cannot give inferior services. It’s not pride. It’s our nature. We are the lion in the wristwatch room.

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