R05 Color B Wooden Watch


We don’t joke with the quality of our watch, Whatever you see here when ordering is exactly what you’ll get.

The Most Special Thing About This Promo;

  • The watch Just arrived Nigeria and We have just 150 Pieces.
  • You Can’t Find It Anywhere In Nigeria Except You Get It Here.
  • These are not your regular watches.
  • I Want You To Get Maximum Value For Your Money
  • I Want You To Be HAPPY Spending Your Money On This.
  • Be the first to own it in Nigeria.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • This collection has a distinct look and quality that you can literally feel
  • Obsessively designed to make a bold print.
  • Designed with premium high quality material.
  • Exclusively For Big MEN and Women
  • It’s Showcase Luxury
  • It’s Top Notch
  • Its For Male and Female (unisex)
  • Its NEW in Nigeria and Its Unique, Vintage Feel
  • It doesn’t Use Battery (No Batteries Necessary)
  • Its an Automatic Mechanical (Engine) watch So Hurry Now and Get Yours…. 

Before i show you more pictures of this awesome R05 Color B Wooden Watch, let me introduce myself…

My name is Bella, and I love watches. I own this watch outfit and run it with a small group of individuals.

Buying a watch shouldn’t be about money, it should be about unique design, quality materials, and an overall attractive appearance.

In my experience as a watch retailer, watch prices are dramatically unfair. That’s why I set out to curate a unique selection of watches from around the world that are manufactured with the highest quality materials, but at a very affordable price.

Feel free to order from us with pride knowing that we give a % of your purchase to Support Orphans and Less Privileged Children around the country.

Imagine You Wearing A Wrist Watch That Can’t Easily Be Seen Around.

This Award Winning Original Luxury R05 Color B Wooden Watch Is Not Only For Men or Women So Don’t Rock It Alone Without Your Partner.

BUY For Your Partner Too.

We Don’t Joke With The Quality Of Our Product, Whatever You See Here When Ordering Is Exactly What You’ll Get.

It’s So Lovely… You Can Buy For Yourself, Your Partner, Your Child Or Parent, Just Anyone You Would Like To Gift Something Different. Buy It As A Gift For Someone You Love, Business Partner Or Anyone. Most Importantly Buy For Yourself…

The Packaging of This watch is so Extra-Ordinary.

Each watch will be inside this box.

Specially produced for this watch only.

Each watch comes with a special tool for adjusting the watch incase you need to reduce the strap and it also comes with an extra straps. with this tools, you can easily adjust the watch strap the way you want it without giving it to aboki.

Like i said, its a complete luxury collection.

The cost of this watch is far beyond what i am giving you

I Splashed The Price Down…

This Promo is Available For The First 50 People That Will Order Today and Receive Their Order.

Promo Ends Soon. Hurry Up… Go and Order Yours NOW

Note: The prices you see are all PROMO price and the price may go up anytime from now

To top it up, your R05 Color B Wooden Watch will be nicely package in our company’s bag because you’re a special customer. This is our own little way to say we appreciate you for patronising us.

You ain’t paying a penny for this packaging bag. Its FREE.

We Have Limited Stock So Don’t Hesitate To Order For Yours Now

You Will Feel The Love Just By Wearing This Watch Out.

To erase the fear of getting scammed, we introduced payment on delivery option to all States in Nigeria, This means you will pay for the products only when it has been brought down to you face to face by our delivery agent. When you collect your product, you can give the money to the delivery person by cash or transfer.

Delivery is Totally Free and We Offer Payment On Delivery Anywhere you are in Nigeria

We are proud to offer Free Delivery and Payment on Delivery Nation Wide on all orders, This is because we strive to deliver fast to inspire and motivate you.

Normally, we ship immediately your order comes in.

Please allow within 24hrs – 72 hours (3 days) for your order to be delivered to you. Pls don’t disappoint us.

Our Customers are so much in love with the watch.

Before You Go Ahead To Place An Order, Please Note:

We deliver Nationwide same day or at most 3 days and you will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face to face by the delivery person. We call it “Payment on Delivery”.

Please be sure you are FULLY ready to receive and you have the money to pay at the point of delivery. DON’T PLACE ORDER IF YOU DON’T HAVE The MONEY OR YOU ARE NOT READY.

The Promo offer will close very soon, the demand for this product is very high and right now we have very LIMITED Stock and with the look of thing, anyone that delay to place order might miss out of this. If you really desired getting this product, you have to place order right away.

We are making this Payment on Delivery based on trust.

Please be sure you are FULLY ready for this product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order.

If you are not financially ready, don’t bother ordering. You can just save my number so once the money is ready, you can order.
Why i am giving this warning is because of some un-serious people.

Nigeria is filled with wonderful people. Some people will place an order and when this delivery person call to deliver, the same person that order will give some of the below excuses:

I don’t have money,
I travelled,
I was just joking with the order,
and many other unreasonable excuses which are really heartbreaking and unfair.
In as much as i am not charging for delivery… We use money to send the product to you and we also pay the delivery person…

So that is why I am pleading with you to only order if you are ready to receive your order within the estimated day and you should please keep the money for the product.

If you won’t be around at the given address, kindly give the money to someone to collect it on your behalf.

You Can Pay For The Product in Cash Or Transfer

Thanks for your corporation, you can proceed to place order if you are FULLY ready for it.

We have got you covered, we deliver exactly what you see here. Your order will be delivered to the address entered when placing your order. Make sure you enter the correct address and enter your phone number too for effective communication. if you have entered an incorrect address or phone number, don’t hesitate to contact us for modification.



Go ahead and place your order now… But before that, if you have any question or clarification before you order, call the Customer Representative with the below Phone Number:

Otherwise, If You’re Okay with every words of mine on this page, You can go ahead and place your order..

I’m 100% Sure You’ll Love This R05 Color B Wooden Watch

Go Ahead And Order Now So We Can Deliver