Reality Check

They say a reality check helps you realize the truth about a situation. The question is, what can really give a reality check?

You go on social media and it seems as if everyone is living large. We know there are people who are meek and weak in real life but on social media they are Al Capone. But you can’t help to see everyone

Seun just bought a new car; Daisy had a wedding you dream of; Orji had a dream job. Not forgetting Uko who has just completed his house. It appears that everyone but you is not affected by the economy.

You also want to do something huge but then there is a reality check. And in present times, nothing gives a reality check like the balance in your bank account. (Call it reality cheque).

Well, we got you covered with our luxury that doesn’t break the bank.

You can still have that lifestyle with PRODA even with the reality check. Our accessories are affordable and they are made for everyone. And how about becoming a PRODA Business Owner and control your realities?

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